Web Portal Development

Web portal design not only lays emphasis on pioneering knowledge
and distributing it into various sections but on how to effectively inculcate these
developments to enhance user features

NextGen IT Solution functions as a Web Portal Development Company in India. A web portal is immensely helpful towards making your business grow by leaps and bounds as it presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. We are an experienced Web Development Company of web portal developers and link builders incorporate the latest technology and the most interactive options to develop your website, to attract help draw in more clients and customers to your internet business base.

Website Portal Development solutions that we have successful implemented in the past:

  • Community Building
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Auction Portals
  • Vertical Portal Solutions
  • Dynamic News System
  • Yellow Pages/ Web Directory Development
  • Job Portal
  • Matrimonial Portal
  • Real Estate Portal
  • Travel Portal

Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether. They primarily focus on community building on the internet.

Corporate portals, personal portals and theme based portals have managed to carve a niche in the market. Domain-specific portals target users for that community. Our team is capable of developing a Customized Content Management System (CMS) services as per your requirement as well.

Our Web Portal Development services include:

  • Creating customized applications for a web portal already up and live
  • Innovative web portal solutions where interactive design are married with the latest technologies
  • Integrating third party applications such as payment gateways, open source interactive modules etc.
  • B2B portal solutions that provide services like e-Commerce Website & Application Development with shopping carts, e-Marketplace servicing as a business hub, etc
  • B2C portal solutions so that a business can reach its target customer base.

We provide a single point of contact, which has various interactive tools such as message boards, voting polls, blog communities, discussion forums, real time chat, etc to the users to effectively access a wide spectrum of useful information. All this is customized to best fit in with your specific requirements. Our assiduous efforts and services have paved the road to excellence in the domain of web portal development.