Want to replace manual writing of cheque? Try Soft Cheque for fast and error-free cheques!

What is Soft Cheque ?

Soft Cheque is software that helps user with a fast & user friendly interface to make the check preparation simple & easy. This application covers your entire banking network. It is an intranet application that helps to print cheques of different banks and Covering Letter for the corresponding cheque. It has an excellent GUI since non technical persons are more enough to work in it.

Why you need Soft Cheque ?

Soft Cheque not only used to print cheques, but also maintains the check issuing records, including post dated check details. Information maintained are Transaction Date, Check Number, Issuing Bank, Check Date, Check Amount, Payee & Check Details which allow user to key in the payment details or others necessary remark. System allow user to edit, delete or void the check.


With this software, preparing a check becomes very easy and interesting! All you have to do is to key-in the first payee character and the system will auto search the payee name from database. Then Key-in the check amount that you intend to pay, the words amount will be auto converted. With pre-defined alignment of words, the words can be printed in order on the check with your existing printer. Thus it gives your Company a good impression and manageable check handling.

Manual errors like spelling mistakes and differences in amount and amount in words that will result in cheque being returned can be eliminated. The payee's name that was printed before is automatically stored and the name can be retrieve with just a few initial keys. This will eventually reduce the administrative cost incurred for returned cheques!

You can eliminate the opportunity for fraud inherent in traditional check printing by removing the need for pre-printed check stock with its storage and inherent custody risks.

  • To make printing cheques easier and user friendly
  • Maintaining details in a database
  • Customized reports
  • Maintenance of invoice details with corresponding cheques
  • Browser compatibility