Do you really focus on improving your sales opportunities? If so, you will realize Lead Simplified is inevitable for your firm!

What is lead Simplified?

Lead Management System (Lead Simplified) is an on-line, easy to use tool for all your sales opportunities. It is a web tool for an organization that streamlines management program and enriches yours sales performance. It helps to maintain the client database as through and can keep track of them about the client needs & leads. Pipelined leads are visible so as to keep track on time.

What is special about Lead Simplified?

Lead Simplified comprises enquiries from all channels (direct, field sales, phone calls, emails, website and partners) come into a single data base giving you "unified view" of a prospect / customer, consolidating enquiries under a single account that may have been accumulated over the years. In real time, in a team environment, sales managers and salespeople track their activity as prospects move through the enquiry process. Everyone is accessing the same centrally managed database, which enhances collaboration, forecasting, and marketing analysis over a period of time.

Why Lead Simplified?

Your application is set up and maintained by us on the Internet. Correspondence such as emails are generated automatically and stored within the customer file for history, audit and quick access. Built in reports provide real time data empowering the users to make quick and well informed decisions.

  • A streamlined process
  • Visibility
  • Management
  • Increase in sales
  • Revenue Increases

The organization can make use of this product to achieve a well established infrastructure and maintain the team with all current updating from time to time.

Sales and Marketing Team
  • Follow up client at the right moment.
  • Increase Client interaction and relationship with the team and the company.
  • Improve Client Conversion Rates.
Top Management
  • Constantly Manage and Quantify the sales and marketing team performance.
  • Improve your top line performance by reusing past and existing marketing budget.
  • On Demand Software to Improve ROI on IT Investments.
Technical features
  • Intuitive user friendly interface.
  • No software to install.
  • No hardware to maintain other than your own PC.
  • Multi user with various roles.
Working Model

We have two types of accounts for Lead Management System. Lead Simplified is for organizations of five or more, depending on the total number of users and the period of registration. Subscriptions are available on quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis. Billing would be done using typical paper (or e-mail) invoicing methods. There is generally no charge for setup.

We ensure that the product is an extremely easy to use tool that will improve your sales process in a very effective manner. First and foremost, there are no installation requirements for this tool. All you would need is a web browser and internet, and you are ready to go. Simply navigate to the site and enter your login details on the home page. You are immediately taken to your application and you will see your latest logged enquiries and the current follow-ups that need to be performed. From there, you can navigate into the record search mode where records can be located based on variety of options.

Accessing records

The access to records is hierarchical and depends on your access needs. Generally it models its Sales organization. Each user has his own set of permissions. Most of the data entered is in the form of logical drop downs, which makes it easy for data entry.

The salesperson can capture variety of data ranging from contact information to finer details about the enquiry like the budget, necessity and timeline. The sales manager apart from performing salesperson functions, can track records for different salespersons, based on date and their regular activities.

This tool enables a great reduction in field reporting requirements and reduces the large amount of process redundancy, caused by lack of appropriate tools, found in most sales organizations. The manager gets more comprehensive information whenever he needs it without the salesperson having to develop a separate report.