Financial Overview

The current environment in the financial services industry is perhaps the most challenging ever. The recent financial crisis is requiring drastic changes to how business is conducted. Companies are being forced to examine all aspects of their business and challenge the beliefs of the past. The practices of yesterday are becoming obsolete as the industry deals with new regulatory pressures, shrinking markets and increased competition. The pressures on performance and profitability have never been greater.

At NextGen our Financial Services practice is built on a solid foundation of experienced industry consultants. Our consultants are career industry veterans. These resources deliver industry specific solutions that provide the insight that address the challenges of today.


Banking Driver Based Planning - The NextGen IT Solution has been developed specifically to address the planning challenges for financial services. Its planning models are designed for projecting the financial impact of changes in different types of instruments and fees at a granular level.

Driver based planning in financial services can enhance the transparency in a company's financial plan and gain the insights needed to take action toward achieving results. Driver based planning links valuable operational information, both historical and projected, to its impact on financial results by planning for what the bank does, not it's expected general ledger balances. It looks at the key components of a bank's business such as new business, maturing business, margins and FTP in determining future earnings.