NextGen Community


  • Energize customers, employees and partners. NextGen Community puts full control into the hands of business users so that marketing, customer service and key stakeholders are at the forefront of customer engagement.
  • Create a perfect reflection of your brand. NextGen Community eliminates barriers between business, creative and technical users with a design framework that reduces the time and cost of creating and maintaining unique customer experiences.
  • Achieve measurable business results. With a complete set of social applications and core integrations, NextGen Community provides the flexibility you need to pursue any business objective including key uses in marketing, networking, sales and support.


NextGen Community is social community software designed for flexibility in building customer-facing communities that achieve your business objectives for improving customer support, building brand loyalty and strengthening member networks. With NextGen Community, you can elevate customer experience with a branded community that perfectly reflects your brand and spur engagement with a complete set of social applications that add social context and relevancy to customer communication. NextGen Community features essential integration with popular social networks including Facebook and Twitter as well as web parts that add social capabilities such as blogging, friending and following to Microsoft SharePoint Internet sites.