Campus Unified

Do you want to get rid of complexities of managing systems, then try Campus Unified System for your ultimate solution!

About CUS?

Campus Unified System is innovative software that helps to automate the overall operations of the campus. It derives the needs of the campus like staff-student record maintenance, library, hostel and finance part of the college. At one step CUS maintains all the records about the campus.

Why CUS is vital to your institution?

The Campus Management software is an integrated solution which takes care of the various activities of an educational institution like institution management, student management, administrative functions, etc. The solution is available as a basic integrated application upgradeable to an Intranet / Internet system. The application can also be smart card enabled to meet specific client requirements.

CUS hosts and manages your bionetwork of solutions, eliminating capital expense and the complexities of managing systems and upgrades related to your enterprise applications. With CUS, the software you need is Internet-delivered for a monthly fee based on the number of students or users.

  • Maintains students record
  • Maintains staff record
  • Staff-Student entity
  • Scheduled process of your campus(News & Events)
  • Library management
  • Hostel management
  • Finance part of your campus
    • Maintaining students fee details
    • Staff salary details
    • Overall report about it
  • Based on university norms
  • Access anywhere anytime
How do you benefit?

Our Campus Management System offers a wide range of extensible features which not only helps Top level management but scales down to the overall development of the best educational environment to groom the future leaders.

The Campus Management System, designed to promote digital institution administration is unique and comprehensive software suitable for any university.

The CUS has an array of features enables the user to preserve educational records of students with total precision in reports and offers a platform for teachers, staff and administration to function in agreement.

The application comprises all the functions applicable to the institution and is safeguarded by a password and its accessibility is limited to registered users only.

  • User Interface.
  • Easy To Customize.
  • Hot Access keys.
  • Multi level Password protection.
  • Full featured backup and restoration.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Customized reports.